Automatic Debit Account or Credit Card?

In this post we will make clear the differences of automatic debit in the two payment procedures that at first seem to have the same solution. But which offers lower cost, greater security and control of monthly expenses? Come on!

Paying bills is a daily routine for almost everyone. It can be a challenge to arrange payments so everything goes well and you can go to the bank, lottery or authorized points to pay your bills. Avoiding queues is also another big challenge.

For convenience and at no cost to the consumer, banks offer debit or automatic debit or savings account. Some banks also offer automatic debit to your digital checking account or credit card. These can be practical alternatives to make the task take less time and your bills will be paid exactly on their due date.

Accounts accepted by direct debit must be barcoded and accepted by your bank as:

  • Water
  • Light
  • telephone
  • Gas
  • cable TV
  • Municipal, state and federal taxes



credit card Benefits

In addition to ease, you avoid fines and late payments. The direct debit service is free of charge and can be blocked or suspended at any time. You may opt out of receiving printed accounts, but be sure to request via email, it is important to continue to have access to the account to check the debited amounts.

By opting for automatic debit, some phone companies offer extra minutes on calls, or credit card companies offer extra points on their loyalty programs. Check the programs that your credit card banner offers.

Here’s an alert: Calculate the amount of everything enabled by automatic debit. Make sure there is enough money in your account. If this does not happen, the bills may not be paid on time. Thus, at the risk of services being suspended or causing another undesirable situation such as interest charges. On the other hand, when enabling direct debit on your credit card, be aware of fees, this option may incur additional charges as a separate service.

Currently, banks offer many alternatives, such as: digital checking accounts, where the user can operate his bank account through applications on the smartphone itself. In addition to the credit card that offers very easy at the time of purchase. Importantly, not all banks offer automatic debit through the digital checking account.


How do I register automatic debit

automatic debit

The service can be requested in two ways: directly with the bank or over the internet. Some companies, such as telephone companies, offer the option to activate direct debit directly on the user panel. Upon your authorization, the announcement is forwarded to the bank which activates the service.


Credit Card Automatic Debit Card

Credit Card Automatic Debit Card

Automatic payment of credit card bills enables the cash settlement of bills on the due date and the posting of the debit to the next credit card bill. Interest and Financial Transactions Tax (IOF) are incurred and payments can generate points in the Point program for you if your card has.

A common practice among consumers is to organize their credit card accounts and enable the monthly debit card billing on their checking account. Stay alert This practice can cause inconvenience if your bill is not debited for any reason. As a result, your bills may stop being paid or even carry fines and fees.

No matter how easy it is, always be in control to avoid future inconvenience.

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